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Savoring the Perfect Brew: Paper, Metal, or Cloth Filter for Your Drip Coffee

When it comes to pour over / drip coffee, there are many options to choose from: paper filter, metal filter, and cloth filter. Luckily, among the choices, they are eco-friendly.

I have collected the information from different articles, so you can easily have an idea to make your choice.

Paper Filter

With its ease of use and disposability, paper filter have been a popular choice. Their primary function is absorbing coffee oils, and stopping coffee grounds from passing through, giving your brew a lighter body and cleaner, fruitier taste. Although it may produce waste, remember that paper is biodegrable – an eco-friendly alternative.

Metal Filter

Metal filter offer a medium coffee taste with a rich aroma. The larger holes in the mesh require coarser grinds, but keep in mind that metal filters require careful consideration due to their susceptibility to oxidation from the coffee oils present. This can alter the taste of your coffee over time. However, its durability makes it an eco-friendly choice as it can be reused multiple times with proper cleaning using coffee equipment-specific detergent.

Cloth Filter

Another eco-friendly option is the cloth filter. Reusable and washable, this filter allows for a bold coffee taste without letting coffee particles pass though easily. It does not require a specific grind size like paper filters. However, it needs to be washed after each use and maintained at an appropriate moisture level.

So, which filter will you choose? Consider your personal preferences in terms of taste, ease of use, and eco-friendliness as you embard on your drip coffee journey. Happy brewing!