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Escaping the AI Wash: The Zen Art of Pour-Over Coffee

In today’s world ruled by artificial intelligence (AI), it can be a challenge to find moments free from technological
intervention. While AI isn’t something to fear, it’s crucial to remember that it’s simply a tool designed to make our
lives easier and more efficient. The term “AI washing” has emerged, warning us not to over-rely on technology for every
little thing, even in our daily coffee brewing rituals.

Drop is proud to be a team of multifaceted experts, blending business acumen, trade knowledge, blockchain innovation,
AI technology, and digital skills. Our unique blend of expertise empowers us to appreciate both the technological
advancements and the simple joys that life has to offer.

Although we are half-digital aficionados, do we truly need AI to brew our favorite cup of coffee? I doubt it. As human
beings, we cherish the unique taste experiences that resonate with us, and that includes our morning cuppa.

Pour-over coffee is an art form akin to creating a Zen garden masterpiece – a simple yet rewarding experience untouched
by AI technology. The process of crafting the perfect pour-over brew provides a tranquil escape from the digital world,
allowing us to focus on the distinct flavors and textures that make each cup unique.

My preferred pour-over coffee method, inspired by the 4:6 brewing ratio developed by Tetsu Kasuya (WORLD BREWERS CUP
2016 – WINNER), is as follows:


– 9g of coffee powder (coarse to medium coarse)
– 135g of water
– total water pouring instalment: 5, with 45 seconds separate each instalment


  1. Wet the coffee filter and preheat the mug with hot water. Discard the water once preheated.
  2. Grind your preferred coffee beans to a coarse-medium consistency and add them to the filter.
  3. Heat fresh, filtered water to around 205°F (96°C). Be sure not to fall into the trap of AI-assisted water heating systems.
  4. Begin pouring the water over the coffee grounds in a circular motion, ensuring all grounds are saturated. The total amount of water for this step should be approximately 27ml.
  5. Allow the coffee to bloom for about 45 seconds.
  6. Pour the remaining water (approximately 108ml) in four equal instalments, ensuring that you saturate all grounds evenly. Each instalment should be separated by 45 seconds.

The first round of water can be reduced to make it taste sweeter, the second round of water should add-up to compensate the less water used on the first round.

My pour-over coffee brewing session is a welcome reprieve from the digital realm – an opportunity to immerse myself in the distinct taste experiences that cannot be replicated by AI technology or automated coffee machines. Embrace the art of pour-over coffee and enjoy the unique journey that each cup brings.